Fireworks displays make an evening a memorable event!

What do you remember about some of your favorite family times? Maybe a picnic, a family gathering, a community festival, and then, an evening of fireworks? With good planning and advertising, a fireworks display can be a great draw for your venue at any time of the year.

What Goes into a Display?
As a fireworks show sponsor, you will have a few decisions to make before putting out your request for proposals.

How much do you want to spend on your display? Keep in mind you may be able to offset costs with parking revenues, vendor participation, and corporate sponsorships in exchange for advertising.

Length of show
How many minutes do you want the show to run?

Use of music
Do you want your display choreographed to music? If not, do you want music broadcast during the show? Or no music at all?

Let ACE Pyro show you how to select a display company.

Fireworks Displays

Tell us about your event, by filling out our Request for Proposal form.

Fireworks can highlight festivals, homecomings, Memorial Day, Labor Day, a day at the neighborhood park, grand openings, weddings, birthdays, or any event.

Many cities, townships, and private organizations put on fireworks displays for their communities. People love these shows, and look forward to them every year.

For the show sponsor, fireworks offer great entertainment for the audience at a great value per person. With good planning and advertising, a fireworks display can be a huge draw to your community, to cap off a special event or just to celebrate a holiday.

How can you get the best value for your money when you purchase a fireworks display? ACE Pyro will tell you how...

ACE Pyro, LLC, with its headquarters based in southern Michigan, has experienced, certified/licensed operators able to do displays in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin, giving you the benefit of local, accessible expertise. Site visits are always made prior to planning a display. Our designers create an unforgettable show by using some of the highest quality product as well as custom-made American devices.

Professional Fireworks Displays

Our commitment to our customers is to bring the very finest of pyrotechnic artistry and professionalism to your celebration, with the highest regard for the safety of your attendees and property.

Customized Displays for any Size Venue

From private backyard shows to public displays at parks, racetracks, and lakefronts. The staff of ACE Pyro will tailor all aspects of the show to your requirements. Displays can be shot by hand firing, electric firing, or computerized choreography to music.

Pyro-musical Computer Choreographed Shows

Take your celebration to the "next level" with a pyromusical. Our choreography team will synchronize the launching of specially selected fireworks with your choice of music for an unforgettable, one of a kind experience

High Quality Products from China

We import our fireworks directly from well known manufacturers in China.

Award Winning Handmade Special Effects

Among our many accomplishments are prizes within the international fireworks community. Renowned in the art of unique special effects, such as mines and comets. We can offer you handmade display shells and effects to add an additional element to your celebration.

Experienced Certified Operators

ACE Pyro display operators have completed PGI shooter certification training and adhere to the safety guidelines of NFPA 1123. We are proud to have on staff the Co-director of Training for the Pyrotechnics Guild International, who has certified pyrotechnicians around the world.
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Some Signature Events

We pride ourselves in making every fireworks display memorable.

The City of Trenton

Independence Day Celebration
Trenton July 4th Full Fireworks Show

Arlington Park
2009 - 2014

Arlington Heights, Illinois
Independence Day Celebration

NHL Winter Classic 2014

Detroit Red Wings & Toronto Maple Leafs at University of Michigan Stadium

PGI Convention 2012

Laport, IN, Grand Public Display

Big Chill 2010
Post Game Display

University of Michigan
Big Chill - Download (wmv 154 MB)

PGI Convention 2010

Appleton, WI, Opening Night

PGI Convention 2008

Grand Public Display

WPA Winter Blast 2008

Public Display

PGI Convention 2007

Fargo Firestorm, Opening Night

Flint's Sesquicentennial 2005

City of Flint, Michigan

Symphony of Fire 2004

Great Lakes Symphony