National and Regional Clubs that we Participate in

Michigan Pyrotechnics
Arts Guild
Pyrotechnics Guild
Western Pyrotechnic

Professional Associations & Other National and Regional Clubs

Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild (Kentucky and surrounding states)
Crackerjacks, Inc. (East Coast)
Mid-Atlantic Pyrotechnic Arts Guild (MAPAG)
Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild
MoPyro (Missouri and Illinois)
National Fireworks Association
New Hampshire Pyrotechnics Association
Northern Lighters (Minnesota)
Northwest Pyrotechnics Association
Pyromania (Eureka, Missouri)
Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas - Texas Fire Ants Association
Pyrotechnics Guild International
Rocky Mountain Pyrotechnics Guild
Western Pyrotechnic Association
Wisconsin Pyrotechnic Arts Guild

Michigan List of fireworks displays in Michigan.

Pennsylvania List of fireworks displays in Pennsylvania.

Illinois List of fireworks displays in Illinois.
Illinois State Fire Marshal - Commercial Pyrotechnics / Fireworks
Illinois State Fire Marshal - Consumer Fireworks

Indiana List of fireworks displays in Indiana.

Wisconsin List of fireworks displays in Wisconsin.

Fireworks Safety

National Fire Protection Association (publisher of NFPA 1123 and 1124)


American Fireworks News