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3" Assorted Shells-A w/Tail (36 Effects)
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Contains 2 each of the following:

  • Yellow Glitter w/Tail
  • Red to Crackling
  • Green Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Green & Blue Peony w/Tail
  • Red to White Strobe w/Tail
  • Lemon Peony w/Tail
  • Orange Chrysanthemum w/Silver Tail
  • White Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Purple Peony w/Silver Tail
  • Red Gamboge to Blue Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Red Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Orange Peony w/Silver Tail
  • Yellow & Lemon Peony w/Tail
  • Red to Blue Peony w/Silver Tail
  • Aqua Peony w/Silver Tail
  • Red to Popping Flower w/Tail
  • Lemon to Red Glitter w/Tail
  • Purple Dahlia w/Silver Tail
  • Blue to Gold Spider Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Red & Spangle w/Tail
  • Red Glitter Tail Peony w/Tail
  • Gold Peony w/Silver Tail
  • Glitter Silver to Blue Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Orange Glitter Peony w/Tail
  • Red Glitter w/Tail
  • Purple Glitter w/Popping Crackling Pistil w/Tail
  • Lemon & Purple Peony w/Tail
  • Gold Wave to Purple Chrysanthemum w/Tail
  • Red Palm Tree w/Silver Tail
  • Red to Silver Peony w/Silver Tail
  • Green & Purple Peony w/Tail
  • Orange to Blue Peony w/Tail
  • Variegated Color w/Tail
  • Silver Glitter w/Silver Tail
  • Red Mag. Dahlia w/Silver Tail
  • Variegated Shiny Peony w/Tail

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