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Finale 3D Hobbyist Edition License-1 year
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Finale 3D Hobbyist gives back yard enthusiasts and semi-professional choreographers the power to dazzle their audiences by designing and shooting professional-grade outdoor shows for neighbors, clubs or conventions using the most power fireworks design software in the world — at a much lower price.

Just like Pro, Hobbyist produces stunning high definition simulation videos with reflective water, realistic smoke, and more than 100 times the number of particles of other simulators. The real-time 3D interface empowers you to create higher quality shows than ever before possible by designing visually in 3D. The software exports to every major firing system, and generates dozens of formats of reports, labels, and high definition simulation videos for personal use or posting on social media, Youtube, etc. (Commercial uses of the videos like bidding shows are not permitted in the Hobbyist license.)

The main differences between Hobbyist and Pro are that Pro includes rack layout, ability to import 3D models, and a license to use the simulation videos for commercial purposes like bidding a show.

Each Finale 3D license is a single-user, single-machine license. You can change machines up to twelve times per year, in case you replace your computer or need to work remotely, but if you regularly use multiple machines (a lot of people use both a desktop and laptop, for example) then you’ll also need the Additional Machine License to be able to use all your machines whenever you want.

Requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10, and a computer with 8GB of RAM and good graphics capabilities. The Nvidia GeForce 1060 is the recommended GPU, though almost any GPU made after 2017 will work. If you use a Mac, you need to run Windows over Bootcamp or Parallels.


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