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Finale 3D Pro 5 License Pack-1 year
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5 Pack of - Pro Licences -1 year

For display companies, professional choreographers, and hobbyists who want all the best tools, Finale 3D Pro is the most powerful fireworks design software in the world. Its real-time 3D user interface enables designers to create indoor and outdoor designs of higher quality than ever before possible, and its ultra-HD simulation videos, rack layout, and custom reporting engine give businesses the competitive edge.

Finale 3D Pro does everything from automatically creating simulations of your own effects from their descriptions to generating detailed rack layout diagrams for the crew. The real-time 3D user interface empowers you to design visually, and the powerful Excel-like table editing view is available for editing in the script itself. The software exports to every major firing system including DMX and flame units, and generates stunning ultra-HD simulation videos, customizable reports, rack diagrams, labels, and more.

Finale 3D Pro is the only software in the world to support visual rack layout for all types of standard and single-shot racks. And Finale 3D now has a drag-and-drop user interface for manually adjusting the wiring of the show by simply dragging the pin numbers from rack to rack or module to module. The rack layout integrates with the custom filters and sorts for assigning firing system addresses, enabling unprecedented control and optimization of equipment use, and saving dozens of hours per show with the automated report generation.

Each Finale 3D license is a single-user, single-machine license. You can change machines up to twelve times per year, in case you replace your computer or need to work remotely, but if you regularly use multiple machines (a lot of people use both a desktop and laptop, for example) then you’ll also need the Additional Machine License to be able to use all your machines whenever you want.

Requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10, and a computer with 8GB of RAM and good graphics capabilities. The Nvidia GeForce 1060 is the recommended GPU, though almost any GPU made after 2017 will work. If you use a Mac, you need to run Windows over Bootcamp or Parallels.


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